20020813 Jack, 1996-2002

At 7PM EDT on 13 August 2002, my friend Jack died of heart failure after a brief illness.

Jack was rescued from the Ottawa Humane Society in June 1996 and lived with me since. Although we were told he was around three years old when we got him, he doubled in size over the next year. We think that he was less than a year old when we got him. He was a friendly, sociable, smart cat who made friends wherever he went. He enjoyed his extended family as first Jenn, and then kitten Isa came to live with us. Even with these friends, he shamelessly played favorites. I was his sun, the center of his universe; he was my moon, his constant presence a reassurance that all was well. He followed me around the house everywhere, and I looked for him and greeted him the moment I came home.

The doctors tell us he was probably born with a bad heart and that it was the probable cause of his repeated indigestion in the past. They told us that even had the proposed surgery went well, he would have only lasted six months to a year longer. Unfortunately even with the best of care, he did not make it to surgery. Jenn and I were fortunate to be in attendance when he died.

I feel lucky to have known him, and priviledged to have been loved by him.

I miss him.

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