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The NerdPerfect Collection

These article form the collected writings I created for NerdPerfect.com during 2000 and 2001. While hardly an exaustive list of everything I wrote on the site, I think it represents the best of what I produced during that timeframe.
Note that if you click on the category, you will get a listing with all articles on the site which fall into that category, not just the NerdPerfect articles -- click on the title of the article to get the actual article.
20010706MiscOne Last Kick At The Can
20010614CommentaryLast Words for Nerd Perfect
20010501InternetThoughts on a Premium Content Salon
20010426BusinessTime Off Or Else
20010419CommentaryPoking NerdPerfect's Future
20010412InternetFinancing The Web
20010303ComputingJava Hype Machine
20010126CommentaryZDNN sinks deeper into the mire
20010120OpenSourceKomplaints Department
20010120CommentaryBlogger Sucks! Apparrently
20010104BusinessDot Apocalypse
20001210BusinessWhy Management Sucks
20001106ComputingHow To Learn Computers
20001106ComputingNew Rights for Old Work
20001101InternetNapster Misses The Point
20001024CommentaryZDNN's Paul Somerson Shoots His Mouth Off
20001009ComputingCompaq Needs A Clue
20000821PoliticsDemocracy Inaction
20000809PoliticsPrivacy and Anonymity: Splitting Hairs?
20000715MoviesX-men: The Movie
20000627ComputingI Hate PDF
20000602CommentaryThe Microsoft Decision
20000601ComputingSpam: It's not just for breakfast any more.
20000527OpenSourceDuplicate Efforts in Open Source
20000522OpenSourceZDNN's John Taschek on Open Source

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