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20041106FamilyMore Pictures
20040925NewsExperimentation Elsewhere
20040902SeenRegarding Pharmacare
20040821BusinessPricing Software
20040821FamilyWe've still got him
20040820MiscPerpetrator. Dude.
20040717FamilyOne Cool Dude
20040715FamilyAlex vs. Daddy
20040709PersonalWhats On Your Desk Day, 2004
20040705FamilyFreshly Scrubbed And Ready For Action!
20040628SeenNader 2004
20040628FamilyAlex's Naming Ceremony
20040628SeenSpam Development
20040625FamilyAlex Snaps Of The Week
20040623PoliticsSpin Cycle
20040618FamilyAll Alex, All The Time
20040610PoliticsThe Proportional Representation Nightmare
20040609FamilyBy Popular Demand:
20040609Hotwheels-NewsMissing Super Tuned details
20040608SportSupeRally Format
20040608PersonalAge-appropriate behaviour
20040601Hotwheels-NewsBuying HotWheels On eBay
20040528SeenEntropy Cartooning
20040527PoliticsElection 2004
20040527SeenUltimate DVR
20040526Hotwheels-NewsI'm still alive in here
20040512FamilyBaby Mackintosh
20040503FamilyBaby Shower
20040501CommentaryEvidence? We don't need no stinkin' evidence!
20040429WishlistsJenn's Movie Wishlist
20040429WishlistsJenn's Birthday Wishlist 2004
20040421SportOttawa Senators: That's It For Hockey 2004
20040419SportOttawa-Toronto 2004: Game 7
20040412SportOttawa-Toronto 2004: Leafs in six
20040408InternetUnnecessary Realism
20040328InternetAn Old Saw Gets New Sharpening
20040328WishlistsBaby Wishlist
20040324SeenUS Medicare and Generational Warfare
20040314SportWell, is it ok or not?
20040314Hotwheels-NewsStill Behind
20040306CommentaryDon't like it? Then don't click on it
20040224PoliticsNader 2004: Yay!
20040223CommentarySave Your Money
20040222CommentaryMore SUV Spin
20040217FamilyBelly Report
20040217CommentaryInternet Locale
20040211PersonalBig Win #1
20040209SeenEmployment Contracts
20040208PersonalCar Reflections
20040201PersonalLousy Sunday
20040120PersonalWhy Be Embarrased?
20040120Hotwheels-NewsAlways More
20040116SeenScoring Update
20040115FeedbackViewer Mail: By Request
20040105FeedbackViewer Mail #2
20040105SeenIrony, Example # 338
20040105SpaceEarth: 4; Mars: lots more than 4
20031216SeenJoel on The Art Of Unix Programming
20031215SeenFrom the Oddly Comforting Department:
20031215SeenThe Stigma Of Popularity
20031205ComputingSCO Misdirection or Redirection?
20031201PoliticsAn Un-Subtle Dress Up Game
20031119SeenAn Excess of Regulation
20031119SpaceGovernmental Manned Space Program
20031117SportRichard Burns to mis 2004
20031116SeenHighschool Hell Explained
20031114InternetPersonal Websites: Validation
20031111SportRallying Meets Local Regulation
20031106MoviesMatrix Revolutions
20031031PoliticsShocking Reality Check
20031031SeenThe French (again)
20031022MiscBell Thinks Quickly
20031022SeenAdams on Gates
20031022SeenPersonal Dignity
20031020ComputingSpam Control: a user problem
20031019SeenNot Exactly An Impulse Buy
20031015MiscWords From A Geek
20031014SportMontreal: In or out?
20031014Hotwheels-NewsMore Good Stuff
20031013MiscA Musical Interlude
20031007InternetThis Is No Time For Rational Thinking
20031005BusinessAn Automobile Accident
20031004SeenImportant Research
20031001SeenF1 Words Of Wisdom
20031001SportFormula One notes
20031001PoliticsCall It Like It Is
20030930PoliticsWhat's that odor?
20030924ComputingPlease Get A Clue (Part One)
20030923PoliticsThe Reality Train
20030917MiscHand Me My Umbrella
20030917ComputingVacation Over: Must Work Now.
20030917SportChange in WRC
20030917ComputingNo it isn't
20030916ComputingThe Law Of The Land
20030915SpaceFresh From The Home Office
20030914SpaceAnother Nail In The Mars Coffin
20030913SpaceNo Trail To Mars
20030913SeenSigns of the times
20030828SeenWhich Ten Commandments?
20030828CommentaryHydro Caps
20030828CommentaryThe 10 Commandments
20030822CommentaryEmail is alive and well thank you
20030822SeenStupid Virus Scanners
20030812SeenThe War Escalates
20030811PersonaleBay: an Xdroop Investigation
20030730PersonalThats a lot of systems
20030730SeenThe Definition Of Happiness
20030728CommentaryMore Telemarketing
20030722SeenWhether you want to or not
20030716CommentaryThe Contradiction
20030714PersonalWhats On Your Desk Day 2003
20030708PoliticsESR on al Quadia
20030630PoliticsHappy Canada Day 2003
20030626CommentarySon Of Iraq Conspiracy Theory
20030625FeedbackViewer Mail
20030621Hotwheels-NewsA Long Overdue Update
20030620PoliticsSame Sex Marriage In Canada
20030620SeenFighting Software Piracy 101
20030620PersonalHairy Potted
20030619MiscWhat do you know
20030610MiscReturn Of Lum the Mad
20030610SeenNet Message Boards
20030604CommentaryViruses In Calgary: What's the fuss?
20030604ComputingThe Definition of Irony
20030602CommentarySupercomputing Types
20030601SeenThis Quiz Is What It Was Meant To Be
20030529MiscOnline Games Are Boring
20030523CommentaryWhere's the beef? (or, Pardon My Pretext For War)
20030519MoviesThe Matrix Reloaded
20030509SportFormula One: 1993
20030505SeenDon't let the facts get in the way of a good war
20030430SeenNeat Nature
20030415CommentaryThe Art Of The Impossible Demand
20030407SeenOne Clue, Hold The Mustard
20030405SpaceColumbia Unravels
20030328SeenAmazing Space
20030325NewsWhat People Are Looking For
20030325SeenIt Really Is All In Your Head
20030324SeenAbort, Retry, Fail, Give Up On Whole Idea
20030321PersonalRhetorical Sun Question # 734:
20030321SeenBackdrop To A War
20030312PersonalDesktop Screenshot
20030311SeenYou Know I Need This
20030303SeenMore Islam Spam
20030226SpacePioneer 10 Fades Into Interstellar Noise
20030226SpaceColumbia: Last Data Analysis
20030223SpacePerspective on Columbia
20030221SeenLess Is More? Not If You Can't Get What You Want
20030219SportF1 Friday Test Teams
20030217PersonalToo Much Information
20030214SportF1 Race Weekend 2003
20030214SeenYou love me!
20030211SeenHistory Lesson: American Court Speaks On Advertising
20030204CommentaryStop Hitting Me With That Bat
20030203PersonalOntario Man Likes Hotwheels, Cats; Says Things Are Great
20030129SeenIslam Spam
20030124PoliticsFunny Pages
20030122CommentaryConspiracy Theory: Iraq
20030118ComputingRedhat 8.0 Sucks
20030111CommentarySUV Statistics Spin
20030110SportWhat's So Special About Sports Franchises?
20030109PersonalDoes Cadbury Have No Shame?
20030102PersonalDream Machine
20021231Hotwheels-News2002 Final Update
20021230CommentaryMore Unreality TV
20021227CommentaryGet People Out Of Their Cars
20021227CommentaryChristmas Is Secular, Get Over It
20021225PersonalHoliday Photos
20021220PersonalSome Lessons Are Learned The Hard Way
20021219SeenThe Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
20021219CommentaryInteresting Telemarketing Regularions
20021219SeenSendmail Oddities
20021219PoliticsAmericans Ignore Laws, Create More Anyways
20021217PoliticsJudge Swats Minister's Nose
20021213Hotwheels-NewsAlmost Fixed
20021129WishlistsChristmas Wishlists, 2002
20021128PersonalCool Camera Product
20021127SportJaguar Fires Lauda
20021126SeenPolitical Cowardice
20021110HowtoUpdate: HPUX and RockRidge CDROMs
20021109PoliticsChiarelli Doesn't Get It
20021108HowtoSurviving with gcc on Solaris 8
20021105ComputingMore Tales From The Sun Console
20021028FamilyA New Friend
20021027PersonalAn ode to &#*?! Sun Microsystems
20021027ComputingI hate computers
20021020CommentarySignal to Noise
20021020PersonalMusic Enabled
20021020PoliticsElectrickery Bills
20021015PersonalConspiracy Theory
20021010CommentaryStupid Avertising Copy
20021004ComputingI'm not dead yet, it's just a flesh wound.
20020924PersonalDays Go By
20020907MiscUnbelievable Breakthrough Stops Speed Tickets Dead
20020903CommentaryIntel vs. Hamidi
20020822Commentary1st Spam
20020819NewsWelcome to xdroop.com
20020813FamilyJack, 1996-2002
20020807CommentaryDangerous Tools
20020806CommentaryFast Breaking News Coverage
20020806ComputingForward the Future
20020803NewsTen Minutes
20020802CommentaryThe problem with literals
20020731PersonalNumber One In A Search Engine
20020711CommentaryThe Caramilk Conspiracy Gets Weird
20020709PersonalWhats On Your Desk Day 2002
20020620PersonalCheerful Trailers
20020617PoliticsBill Who?
20020617SportNHL under fire
20020609PersonalAnother Stupid Web Page
20020606PersonalI can count
20020527CommentaryAn Alternative Caramilk Theory
20020520CommentaryThe Secret Revealed
20020520Hotwheels-NewsGuide 2002
20020507SeenProduct Development
20020429PersonalHappy April 29
20020423SeenDot Com Commertial
20020423PersonalSunday Teevee
20020402SeenImportant Legal Clarification
20020401MiscHe's still got it, folks!
20020401MiscApril Fools Day Is Cancelled
20020328SeenEating at the Tax Reduction Restauraunt
20020312SeenGonads vs. Practicality
20020217Hotwheels-NewsPlay Track Dynamics
20020217CommentarySave The Earth!
20020217ComputingAparrently, I'm an idiot
20020216Politics...I mentioned that...
20020216NewsA Long List Of Losers
20020216Hotwheels-NewsBring on the 2002s
20020214Hotwheels-NewsBug Fixing & New Cars
20020126PoliticsThis Is Our Future
20020116NewsDidja notice?
20020112NewsWeekend Update
20020112SeenESR's blinders
20020110SeenSpecial Services
20020110Hotwheels-NewsSite News
20020109HowtoPerl Style Is Not An Oxymoron
20020109BusinessBizarre Financial Dealings
20020106SeenWhy Slashdot Sucks
20020104SeenThe Yugo of Computing
20020104SeenThe Desires of Information
20020104NewsBack From The Future
20011221NewsLost in the net
20011215CommentaryThreading Is Good
20011215ComputingMandrake Sucks Harder
20011206CommentaryEnd The Gender War
20011130NewsIceberg, Dead Ahead!
20011130Hotwheels-NewsLast Outing Before Christmas
20011127ComputingWindows Solution Matrix
20011127CommentaryThe Price Of Law-Abiding Citizens
20011127PersonalDesktop Screenshot
20011126NewsChanging Email
20011124Hotwheels-NewsMore Ancient Cars
20011120ComputingA Journey of Enlightenment
20011116SeenSome people don't deserve to live
20011114NewsEarth Shattering Objectives
20011107NewsChristmas is coming!
20011104PersonalGeek Test Results
20011102SeenAn Open Letter To Bill Parker
20011101SeenUseful Information
20011024SeenKen Thomson on Kiddies
20011023PersonalDealing With Reluctant Systems
20011014PoliticsUnwise words
20011009HowtoLinux and a Dell Latitude L400
20011005PersonalPlay time
20010918SeenTen Things About The War
20010918CommentaryThe Legacy Of The Successful Immigrant
20010914CommentaryI've had a brilliant idea
20010913SeenWe Take This Minute For Something Really Important
20010913CommentaryBloodied, but Unbowed
20010913CommentaryBloodied, but Unbowed
20010912SeenWe Take This Minute For Something Really Important
20010911CommentaryA Moment Of Silence
20010911CommentaryA Moment Of Silence
20010909NewsMr. Billion
20010909NewsMr. Billion
20010904SeenA great way to look at a desktop
20010827SeenAn Open Letter From The Hackers Of The World
20010825SeenAunt Minnie Isn't The Right Test
20010823PersonalHotWheels Collection
20010819SeenThe OS Wars
20010812NewsCode Red Fuck-wits
20010812NewsCode Red Fuck-wits
20010809NewsService Warning
20010809NewsService Warning
20010805NewsCode Red Fuck-wits
20010805NewsCode Red Fuck-wits
20010803CommentaryWhat's With Windows XP?
20010727ComputingThoughts On Usability Principles
20010727ComputingMundi Mouths More Misleading Muck
20010726ComputingChange In Email Policy
20010726PoliticsLeave Me Alone
20010723BusinessOffice Space
20010722NewsCode Red Fuck-wits
20010722NewsCode Red Fuck-wits
20010720MoviesFinal Fantasy -- The Spirits Within
20010717NewsBad HTML
20010717NewsBad HTML
20010717SeenSeries -- The Next Ten Minutes
20010717SeenSeries -- The Next Ten Minutes
20010711SeenTechdirt: Laws are optional
20010709PoliticsAlliance Party Woes
20010709PersonalWhats On Your Desk Day 2001
20010706MiscOne Last Kick At The Can
20010702PersonalAnd in the news
20010701Politics1 July 2001
20010628PersonalOn Vacation
20010627ComputingLinux is free?
20010622PoliticsApathetic Youth Today
20010620PersonalHot Wheels
20010620ComputingWeb Browsers Suck
20010619NewsIQ Test no more
20010619NewsIQ Test no more
20010614NewsWelcome to xdroop.dhs.org
20010614NewsWelcome to xdroop.dhs.org
20010614SeenManagement and the college degree
20010614CommentaryLast Words for Nerd Perfect
20010613MiscThis is probably some kind compulsion
20010613MiscThis is probably some kind compulsion
20010604HowtoTotally Fictional MFLOPS numbers
20010504SeenBiff and Buffy
20010501InternetThoughts on a Premium Content Salon
20010426BusinessTime Off Or Else
20010419CommentaryPoking NerdPerfect's Future
20010412InternetFinancing The Web
20010409PersonalDesktop Screenshots
20010407PersonalDesktop Screenshot
20010405PoliticsOpposing Drug Legalization
20010329PoliticsReligion In School
20010314SportIn Support of F1's Safety Car
20010313HowtoCompiling KDE 2.11 on Solaris 7
20010303ComputingJava Hype Machine
20010208SpacePopulation Relief Valve
20010126CommentaryZDNN sinks deeper into the mire
20010120OpenSourceKomplaints Department
20010120CommentaryBlogger Sucks! Apparrently
20010116Programs'quote' -- command line stock quotes
20010116Programs'quote' -- command line stock quotes
20010115PersonalDesktop Screenshot
20010104BusinessDot Apocalypse
20001210BusinessWhy Management Sucks
20001115HowtoMultiple Framebuffers in a Sun Ultra 5
20001106ComputingHow To Learn Computers
20001106ComputingNew Rights for Old Work
20001101InternetNapster Misses The Point
20001024CommentaryZDNN's Paul Somerson Shoots His Mouth Off
20001023PoliticsA letter to Alliance Leader Stockwell Day
20001009ComputingCompaq Needs A Clue
20000821PoliticsDemocracy Inaction
20000809PoliticsPrivacy and Anonymity: Splitting Hairs?
20000805SeenIf a tree falls in the forest...
20000726SeenThe Problem With Open Source Projects
20000720PersonalWhats On Your Desk Day 2000
20000719SeenThoughts on Hackers
20000715MoviesX-men: The Movie
20000630PoliticsTax Cuts - Just Say No
20000627ComputingI Hate PDF
20000602CommentaryThe Microsoft Decision
20000601SeenMS-IE Dominance
20000601ComputingSpam: It's not just for breakfast any more.
20000527OpenSourceDuplicate Efforts in Open Source
20000523ProgramsSample polymorph run
20000523ProgramsSample polymorph run
20000523Programs'polymorph' -- a self-rewriting perl script
20000523Programs'polymorph' -- a self-rewriting perl script
20000522OpenSourceZDNN's John Taschek on Open Source
20000515ProgramsSoftware Licenses
20000515ProgramsSoftware Licenses
20000501HowtoMounting CDs on HPUX
19991003SeenShovelling Crap
19990709PersonalWhats On Your Desk Day 1999
19980709PersonalWhats On Your Desk Day 1998
19980622MiscReboot: Episode List
19980622MiscReboot: Episode List
19980101Sport1998 Formula One Technical Regulations
19980101Sport1998 Formula One Technical Regulations
19980101SportFIA Formula One World Championship - Sporting Regulations
19980101SportFIA Formula One World Championship - Sporting Regulations
19971221PersonalDesktop Screenshot
19971024PoliticsA Matter Of Principle
19970719ComputingWhy Mackintosh Computers Suck
19970418SeenHow Software Companies Die
19970125SeenTransit Commissioners Ignore Poor Bus Performance
19960801PersonalReally Cool Wheels

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