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One of the more interesting things about the open source phenomenum is the culture which has sprung up around it.
20010120(OpenSource):Komplaints Department
I finally did it -- I installed KDE.

That's right, Mr. olvwm himself has taken the plunge and installed KDE 2.0.1 on his system. I downloaded the sources and built it myself (isn't open source grand?) and have been running it at home for about the last week. Over that time, I've been keeping track of the things I don't like about it, because complaining is what I do best.

Originally published to NerdPerfect.

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20000527(OpenSource):Duplicate Efforts in Open Source
There seems to be a prevalent attitude out there that many of the small open projects out there are a waste of time. One commentary I read somewhere (sorry, can't remember where) muttered something like "I cringe whenever I see another Yet Another... project announced on Freshmeat." This is a stupid attitude. Diversity is a strength, and even if the vast majority of the projects announced to the waiting masses never go anywhere or conquer the world, they are all worth while and valuable contributions.

Originally published to Nerd Perfect.

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20000522(OpenSource):ZDNN's John Taschek on Open Source
Of course, everyone is aware of the storm a week or two ago about John Taschek's commentary on ZDNet.com regarding the state of Open Source. Bruce Smith on Freshmeat.net took a look at the matter shortly afterwards, made some good arguments, and in the discussion that followed there were a lot of good points raised.

I've been letting the matter percolate through my brain for the week or so that's followed, and have some thoughts of my own about why his perception, while incorrect, may have some basis.

Originally published to NerdPerfect.

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