20040709 Whats On Your Desk Day, 2004
And another year grinds around to the inevitable annual tradition of What's On Your Desk Day.

Although I've been assigned a permanent desk by my employer, I'm on parental leave right now -- leaving us with the stuff on my desk at home for at least one more year.

Here we go:

  • one 'Start-Up Tool Kit' shipping box, empty (used as a tripod stand for shooting HotWheels)
  • two empty coke cans
  • one CD binder with about 30 CDs in it (Linux etc, the stuff I need for my job)
  • one Dell cardboard box, containing more CDs (mostly related to the Dell laptop my employer issued to me)
  • one micro camera tripod
  • one digital multimeter with probes
  • one invoice for work done by Carling Motors on our Mazda back in June
  • 28 cents in change
  • one mailing insert from a Sears invoice offering Quality Self-Stick Addressing Labels!
  • one paperback: Which Lie Did I tell, by William Goldman
  • one telephone handset cord
  • two Staedtler Lumocolor markers for writing on CDRs
  • one slinky, slightly bent
  • one fat-chisel permanent-ink marker
  • one broken mechanical pencil (which was actually my mainstay through highschool and college)
  • one Citizen wristwatch with a flat battery
  • one set of Velcro mounting tabs
  • two flat AA batteries
  • one novelty mini-ball (about 3cm in diameter, from a Christmas Cracker)
  • one golf ball with my employer's logo on it
  • two screws
  • one 2-foot segment of orange HotWheels track
  • one Bling's Lotus Esprit HotWheels
  • one Classic Games Series Escort Rally HotWheels
  • two floppy disks
  • one appointment reminder for Alex's next doctor appointment
  • one Palm III hotsync cradle
  • one AcerView 77e monitor
  • one roll of electrical tape
  • one Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse
  • one no-name blue foam mousepad
  • one set of playing cards
  • one HP DeskJet 400 printer
  • more CDs and CDRs, used and un-used
  • three or four pens
  • one Sears # 356 blue colored pencil
  • several sheets of print-out (mostly from Dell.ca)
  • one Povray 3.1g reference manual printed and inserted in a binder
  • one (nearly/mostly/probably/usually) dead Palm III and leather case
  • one Matrix Reloaded: The Album CD case (empty)
  • one Programming Perl pocket reference (the thin one that came with the pink camel)
  • one Rubic's Rings puzzle toy
  • one Goon Show: Volume 21 audio tape set
  • one Telus prepaid long distance phone card (a gift from Telus -- whee!)
  • one digital room temperature thermometer
  • one Diablo II: Ultimate Strategy Guide
  • one GigaLight 2.0 Keybord Light set, unopened
  • around 250 HotWheels blister cards
  • one HotWheels novelty toothbrush
Well that's it for this year. Comparing to last year, I see that some of the stuff doesn't get cleared off very often, even though I make an effort to move the crap I'm not using immediately. The binder of POVRay documentation, for example, is not still on my desk, it is back on my desk since I'm messing with POVRay again.

Hopefully I'll be back at a real desk next year, and we can start a new set of meaningless information history.

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