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Anything new out there? I wander past your weblog now and then and it's nice to see that you still do'nt like anything (except, evidently, Subarus... and maybe cats).
20041106(Family):More Pictures
Overdue for some more Alex pictures.

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20040925(News):Experimentation Elsewhere
Oh, if you are really curious what's going on around here, you might find more of what you are looking for over here. It is more of a blog type thing with a wiki type thing, but it won't run on my ISP host because it is a big, heavy, nasty Java application. However, being a big, heavy, nasty Java application, it is somewhat easier to make posts to and manage.

Pictures of Alex will undoubtedly continue to be posted on this site, though, for bandwidth reasons and because pictures are another thing which don't currently work well on the big, heavy, nasty Java application.

20040902(Seen):Regarding Pharmacare
A letter to Murray Campbell, Globe columnist, about National Pharmacare. Since the Globe appears unlikely to publish it, I include it here.

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20040821(Business):Pricing Software
Here is something interesting: a primer describing how much you should charge for your new software. (Also, here's Joel Spolsky's take on the same topic.)

Interestingly enough, the author understands that price should be related to value (ie, the alleged value that the product has to the end-user), and not related to the cost of production at all.

To simplify: business make money by exploiting the gap between cost and value by having a price close to value. The only relationship that price has to cost is that as long as

cost < price
...then the business makes money. How much money is determined on the size of that gap, and how it relates to the supply/demand curve.

Interestingly, although supply is effectively infinite (it costs practically nothing to produce another unit), this doesn't drive the price down to zero like you might expect because the supplier has a monopoly -- ie, the only (legal) supplier of Microsoft Money is Microsoft, and they set a price which controls demand, limiting the supply requirements.

20040821(Family):We've still got him

Life has been busy since Daddy went back to work, but we are all adjusting. Alex is still growing like crazy, and keeping Mommy on her toes.

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20040820(Misc):Perpetrator. Dude.
Consider this news item read by the news-reader:
An armed robbery at the KFC in Orleans last night, two employees were not hurt, but the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Neat. Nice. So what's wrong with it?

Well, ignoring the breathy news-reader sentence-fragment at the beginning, the main problem is their reference to the suspect. I hate when the media and the police talk about the suspect. The suspect did this, the suspect did that. What they mean to say is that the perpetrator did this, or the perpetrator did that. Once they catch someone, they suspect that he is the perpetrator.

Semantics? Maybe -- but we should try to use language as precisely as possible.

20040717(Family):One Cool Dude

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20040715(Family):Alex vs. Daddy

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20040709(Personal):Whats On Your Desk Day, 2004
And another year grinds around to the inevitable annual tradition of What's On Your Desk Day.

Although I've been assigned a permanent desk by my employer, I'm on parental leave right now -- leaving us with the stuff on my desk at home for at least one more year.

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20040705(Family):Freshly Scrubbed And Ready For Action!

You are hereby informed and must take note that the contents of this website do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer, clients, family, pets, auto mechanics, lawn care staff, sanitation workers (and/or their dogs), yourself, or indeed any organization, anyone or anything (including myself), except a small illiterate Iranian turnip which was last seen boarding a Air Transat jet in Greece on 16 April 1979 wearing a yellow raincoat and flippers sawed off at the knees. If anyone has any ideas as to go about contacting said small Iranian turnip I would appreciate the information -- the turnip probably wants its contents back. Copyright of these contents does not belong to the turnip so I will trouble you not to steal it for any money-making (or revenue-enhancing) activities. Link to it instead.

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