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I'm different -- just like everyone else.

These pages are about whatever I want. Deep, eh? But seriously, everyone needs a place on the web where they can hold up their insignificant ego to be trampled down by the even more insignificant masses. So, since I am no exception, here it is; and here you are; go nuts.

If you were hoping for something actually about me, you might check out the contributer's bio I wrote for NerdPerfect.

Regarding email, here's the deal: I'll put up this email address for you to use, on the understanding between you and me that you guys won't spam it. I get spam in this account, and I'm closing it up, irrevocably, got it? OK? Right then, the email address is:


...where name is feedback, and system is xdroop.com -- I think everyone who isn't a email address scooper can follow that. No promises on replies, reading, or even receipt.

PS: I've been unable to get to my zdnetmail account for quite some time now, so I'm giving up on them. In the unlikely event that you have sent me something and not received a reply, you'll need to resend it. Use the xdroop.com account, but don't abuse it. Thanks!

Meaningless personal tool preferences:

It is this user's humble opinion that individuals should use what they like and/or need to use in order to get their work done. People who spend time worrying about why I don't use (say) EMACS have got way too much free time on their hands that they would be better off spending in the big blue room.

It is axiomatic that all webhosting sucks.
xdroop.com is hosted by tera-byte in a manner that doesn't suck too much.
(Actually, they've been pretty damn good so far.)
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