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(Possibly because you asked for it, possibly because you asked for something which isn't here.)

Because I'm lazy and I enjoy the irony, this page doubles as the 404 response page, ie the system telling you that it can't otherwise find what you asked for. This may be due to a removed page, outdated link, or even my pseudo-randomly renaming all the pages on the site and moving content randomly between all of the different services here. Fun! So if you expected something other than this page, well sorry for the inconvenience.

I shouldn't have to remind you that nothing that links from here is representative of any employer or customer, right?

You probably want to start out with Planet Xdroop. It features the RSS content from several of the below services.
Unfortunately the planet is busted right now.

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Complaints about a lack of options can be directed to /dev/null. Or if you are seriously stuck for something to do, you can punch in URLs at random and see if you get anything other than this page back again.